The company and its productions

A commitment to research and innovation in a highly qualitative context, and a great capacity for customer service from QLT Archimede. Today Qualitron Archimede Elettronica is one of the leading producers in the field of lighting electronics. It operates in  a complex of six thousand square metres in Rescaldina, fifteen kilometres from Milan, on the motorway towards Milano Malpensa Airport. 
Piero Magnaghi, an expert in the field of electronics, founded QLT Archimede in 1986 and is still the technical director of the company. He is responsible for motivating and coordinating the work of a large and highly qualified team that takes care of design, planning and production.
QLT’s range of products – all designed by its own engineering department – is wide and varied and covers all the sectors of electronics applied to lighting: Led Systems, electronic transformers for low voltage lamps, electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, extra-flat electronic lamps, movement detectors and light-dimming technology. These lines of transformers and electronic ballasts absorb a production of over two million pieces per year, almost all of which are exported, directly or indirectly, to the more developed European markets. Playing a part in this success trend is the new power technology and the numerous applications of LEDs, offered to the many Custom-OEM throughout Europe and unanimously agreed to be the future of a certain type of lighting.
QLT’s innovative strength is backed up not only by a top-rate productive structure but also by a strong commitment to researching new technological solutions and new products. In fact the firm invests more than fifteen percent of profits in this area.


Quality to the forefront

QLT Archimede works in ISO9001 and production is regularly and rigorously controlled by the competent international bodies that include the VDE, IMQ and UL. Many products in QLT catalogues boast prestigious marks of approval such as VDE, VDE EMV, IMQ, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO and, more recently, also GOST R certification, which is essential for the Russian market.
The basic components used by QLT Archimede are provided by the most famous European industries in their specific sectors. This attention to the quality and reliability of the product, together with the great level of expertise of its collaborators, means that the firm’s engineering department is constantly consulted by producers of lamps during the design phases to ensure that when their new products are launched on the market they already conform perfectly with current norms in order to obtain the necessary type approval.


Flexibility and service

One of QLT’s great strengths is being able to rely on available personnel who can find the right solutions to their customers’ needs in the shortest possible time. Other strength points of our company are its ability to customise products (with logos, brands, labels, packaging, bar codes etc.) according to the requirements of each customer. QLT’s high-qualified commercial staff is able to work in a strict contact with customers in English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish and is always at their complete disposal for any information, inquiry and quotation for products, projects and services.
Last but not least, thanks to excellent qualitative level of its manufacturing plants in Romania and Tunisia, QLT Archimede can keep manufacturing costs under control and offer competitive prices to the market.